Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An online lawnmower forum

Earlier this year I joined Lawn Mower Forum, an online forum that's all about lawn mowers. There are a few other cordless electric mower users there, but as you might expect the majority of forum members use gas-power.  It would be great to grow the electric mower community there, so I encourage anybody having mower problems to seek help there -- you'll need to sign up by creating a username and password, but it is free.  If you do join, feel free to say hello to me at my own welcome thread there.

I'll continue blogging here about problems and fixes to the CMM1000 and other electric mowers that cross my path.  A consequence of writing this blog is that I can enjoy getting emails and comments from fellow electric mower owners.  Often these are from people seeking help with their broken mowers; regretfully, more often than not I am unsuccessful in diagnosing the problem properly.  What is great about a forum like Lawn Mower Forum is that you would get several heads -- rather than just mine -- thinking about how to help out with any mower issues you may want to ask about.

That's it for now.  Hope to hear from some of you over at LMF.

Update, Dec. 2013: since posting the above, LMF has added dedicated sections for electrical equipment, both battery-powered and plug-in. So if you have a question to ask, please ask it at Lawn Mower Forum, either in the Black & Decker area or the Electric & Battery Operated area at that website. I apologize for being unable to handle individual requests for help posted on this blog or sent by email.