Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Three years and three months ago ...   (8/10/09)
   Why my wife and I bought our cordless electric mower in the first place.

Getting replacement parts; customer reviews at   (8/11/09)
   Includes the review I wrote at Amazon.

Circuit details   (8/15/09)
   Photos of inside the mower.
   Electric circuit schematic.

The Remington MPS6017A electric mower   (9/19/09)

Handy home-made tool; fixing a broken wire   (10/31/09)
   Handy tool for propping mower cover open.
   Fixing a broken wire.

Helpful links   (11/1/09)
   Links for both the CMM1000 and CMM1200:
      Instruction manuals online (.pdf format)
      Where to get replacement parts
      Product pages at Amazon

Fixing a problem (June 2009)   (11/12/09)
   Replacing the circuit breaker.


New electric mower models coming from Black and Decker   (1/30/10)
   The CM1836, CM1936, and MM1800

Mower specs   (1/30/10)
   Incomplete -- voltage, current, RPM, weight, and cutting width for different B&D mowers.

The battery   (4/30/10)
   How to prolong battery life.
   Buying a replacement battery.
   More about batteries.

Common problem with CMM1200; Broken Hinge Pin on the Switch Lever   (5/30/10)
   Step by step, with photos.

Cordless electric string trimmers (a.k.a. "weed whackers")   (7/23/10)
   Choosing and using a cordless electric string trimmer


Wobbly wheels and how to fix them   (5/14/11)
   Step by step, with photos.

Table of Contents   (6/30/11)

Another new battery   (7/16/11)
   Replacing the mower batteries (again).

An online lawnmower forum   (8/17/11)
    (It's called Lawn Mower Forum)