Sunday, November 1, 2009

Helpful links

From time to time I run across useful info about the CMM1000 and CMM1200 mowers.  As this blog grows, I plan to keep adding links to this entry so they can all be found in one place.

Instruction manuals

At, click here
At, click here, then click on "Download the complete user guide"

At, click here, then click the "MANUALS" tab, then click on "CMM1200 Manual"

Replacement parts

Available at
For CMM1000 parts click here.
For CMM1200 parts click here.

[Added May 2011:]
As of spring 2011, I'm finding some parts discontinued at ereplacementparts.  An alternative, though incomplete, supplier is
Thanks to Ajay for telling us about abtecparts.

Product pages at Amazon

Useful mainly for the customer reviews you can find there.

For the CMM1000 click here.
For the CMM1200 click here.

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